Computing-Current Trends

The concept of traditional computing is changing in the field of organizational and business management. Where cloud, IoT, AI based computing is taking place. Its main premise is that where there is need, there is availability. As well as central validation and access control and apps / device management.

Microsoft Technologies in Education

This model diagram shows the use of Microsoft based cloud platform for educational institutions. By implementing it, educational institutions can achieve the following benefits.
• Central management system of the organization.
• Central authentication and access control.
• Central data storage facility.
• Facilitates organizational unit and user-based data and file access control.
• Mutual data sharing and collaboration.
• Ensuring central data security.
• Management and use of all software and apps centrally.
• Manage each official computer / device centrally.
• Confirmation of official communication centrally.
• Ensuring the security of user data through the use of antivirus and firewall centrally.

To consolidate our position in the IT world, we need to master and start using all these technologies now. Otherwise, our students will be deprived of acquiring modern IT knowledge. Most of Microsoft’s cloud platforms are free for educational institutions, teachers and students. So our management authority should be proactive in taking all these benefits.
Finally, I would like to say that anyone can start using the free trial version or subscription of all these technologies in person.

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