Dream IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure for Educational and Corporate Institutions

We are steadily entering the fourth industrial revolution. Its core theme is Technology Driven Industry and Automation. From the policy makers to various levels, various issues are being discussed about the preparation and to-do of the fourth industrial revolution. But there is a lack of education system suitable for the fourth industrial revolution, especially engineering education infrastructure. Modernization of various workshops and labs of engineering institutes has become very necessary. Things that need to be looked into in this modernization are, blended learning friendly infrastructure, latest technology driven workspace, cloud computing and simulation based virtual lab, IOT and automation integration, remote access and self practice facilities etc. And this modernization does not require a lot of financial resources but what is needed first is to understand modern technology and think a little differently accordingly. For example, a PC with 16 GB of RAM and high processing power is required to run any software specialized in mechanical or civil engineering or ICT. Each of which has a current market value of Tk. 2 lakhs. So building a lab with 50 PCs will cost Tk. 1 crore just for PCs. Along with this, one crore takas will be spent on related infrastructure, followed by disaster management and maintenance costs. The maximum benefit of which we may get more than five years. In this case, if a cloud computing based lab was built, it would have been possible for only a few lakhs of takas This includes automatic scale up or down, updates, backups and maintenance, IOT and automation integration, remote access and self-practicing facilities.

Dream IT Infrastructure for Educational and Corporate Institutions

The main theme: Collaborate. Innovate. Accelerate

Background: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0)


• On-Premises Domain

• On-Prem and Cloud ADS Integration

• Multi-Cloud Integrations

• Hybrid Data Center

• On-Prem Simulation Based Virtual Lab

• Cloud based Virtual Lab Integrations

• Learning Management System

• Thin Computing PC Labs

• Cloud IoT Services Integrations

• Compatible for Blended Learning

• Databases, Data Analysis and Reporting

• Remote Management and Access Facilities

• 24×7 Access Time

• Institutional Management System and Dashboard

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