Organizational IT Infrastructure Development

Computer Labs-CAN-WAN-Datacenter

Feature and Deployment Model of Modern Computer lab in ICT Education

Feature of Computer lab

  • General features
    • Environment Friendly Safe Workspace with Flexible Furniture
    • Right Equipment with Right Placement
    • Need Based Customized Software Installation Policies
    • System State Backup and Restoration Facilities
    • Effective Uses of Simulation Software
    • Virtualization Facilities for Software Development & Testing, Networking and System Engineering Practices
    • Hybrid Environment with Cloud Computing Integration
    • 24/7 Remote Access Facilities for Learners and Faculty Members
    • Intranet Based LMS
    • Docker Facilities for Software Development
    • Automation
    • Domain Based Networking
    • Safe Internet Facilities
    • Thin and Zero Computing Facilities
    • Latest Information Security Policies
    • Blended Learning Facilities
    • Adoption with New Technologies
  • Technical features

Multi OS-Multibooting, Back to Restoration, System Virtualization, Access Control and System Protection, Data and Cyber Security, Imaging and Cloning, System Tuning through Group Policy and Registry Editing, Networking, Optimized Update Policy, Endpoint Management, Controlled Internet Access

Lab development life cycle

  • Feasibility studies
  • Budget
  • Planning and Design
  • Reviews
  • Obtaining the Computers and other Resources
  • Deployment
  • Post- deployment inspection
  • Routine maintenance
  • Upgradation

Physical infrastructure

  • Space selection
  • Floor layout
  • Lab furniture deployment

Electrical Works

  • Calculating electric loads
  • Selection of proper electric equipment’s
  • Proper electric load distributions
  • Electric safety procedures

Lab Safety

  • Environmental
    • Proper Air Ventilation
    • Thunderstorm Safety
  • Electric safety
  • Fire safety

Lab Categories and Features

Lab Requirements:

  • Hardware Devices
    • Server PC, Workstation PC
    • PC: Laptop, Desktop
    • Thin Computing Devices
    • KVM Docking Station
  • Networking Devices
  • Power: Online UPS
  • Environmental: AC
  • Supporting Devices
  • Software
    • Maintenance
    • Cloning & Imaging, Restoration
    • End-Point-Management
    • Firewall and Antivirus
    • LAN Management
  • Software Requirements
    • Desktop OS: Windows 10 and 11, Fedora (Latest), CentOS (Latest)
    • Server OS: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter, Redhat (Latest), CentOS Server (Latest)
    • Android: Latest Stock Android
  • System Software:
    • Security: Windows Defender (Built in Windows OS)
    • Cloning & Imaging: Macrium Reflect Free Edition, Norton Ghost, AOMEI Backupper
    • End Point Management: Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Windows Admin center (FREE), TeamViewer, ManageEngine
  • Networking:
    • Design: MS Visio 2019
    • LAN Manager
    • Bandwidth Manager
  • Simulation:
    • Computer Networking: Cisco Packet Tracer, GNS3, Boson NetSim, VIRL (Virtual Internet Routing Lab), EVE-NG (Emulated Virtual Environment Next Generation)
    • Digital Electronics: Electronic Workbench, Proteus
  • Hypervisor Platforms:
    • Microsoft Hyper-V (Built-in in Windows Server)
    • Oracle VM Virtual Box (Free)
    • VMware Workstation & server (Educational Facilities Available)
  • Cloud Computing:
    • Educational Subscription of Microsoft Azure (Free)
    • Educational Subscription of Google Cloud
    • AWS Subscription
  • Apps Development:
    • No code-Low Code: Google AppSheet, Microsoft Power Platform
    • Android Apps: Android Studio, Thunkable
  • IoT, AI and Machine Learning:
    • Microsoft Platform
    • Google Platform

Various Computer labs and their features

General Computing Lab

Software R&D Lab

Hardware Assembling lab

Networking Lab

AI & IoT Lab

IT Automation lab

IT Forensic lab

Micro Programming lab

Special Hardware

  • Surge Protector Power Strip
  • Dehumidifier
  • Big Projection Screen
  • Portable Storage
  • Online UPS
  • KVM Docking station
  • VR Devices, HoloLens

Special Software

  • Hypervisor
  • Subject wise Simulations
  • Emulators 
  • Imaging and Cloning
  • AR, VR, MR
  • Endpoint Management
  • Lab Monitoring
  • Inventory Management
  • LMS

Systems Preparation

  • Software acquisitions
  • Software licensing
  • System Readiness
  • System Tunning
    • MMC
    • Registry Editing
    • Group policy deployment
    • Scripting
  • Systems Preparation (For Cloning, Imaging and System transfer)
    •  Microsoft system preparation tool

Deployment techniques and tools

  • Custom Installer
    • Developing windows custom installer
    • Custom installer creation tools (ex: NLite)
  • Automated Installation
  • Remote Installation
  • Cloning and imaging
  • Systems Migration

General PC Labs

Thin Computing PC Labs

Simulation based Labs

Virtual Labs

Educational Data and Resource Center

Dream IT Infrastructure for Educational and Corporate Institutions
The main theme: Collaborate. Innovate. Accelerate
Background: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0)
• On-Premises Domain
• On-Prem and Cloud ADS Integration
• Multi-Cloud Integrations
• Hybrid Data Center
• On-Prem Simulation Based Virtual Lab
• Cloud based Virtual Lab Integrations
• Learning Management System
• Thin Computing PC Labs
• Cloud IoT Services Integrations
• Compatible for Blended Learning
• Databases, Data Analysis and Reporting
• Remote Management and Access Facilities
• 24×7 Access Time
• Institutional Management System and Dashboard

Backup and Maintenances

  • Servicing tools and Kits
  • Manual Backup
  • Automated Backup


  • General Needs
    • Networking Hardware
    • Networking Software
    • IP and related services: Public IP, NAT, Port forwarding, Domain, DDNS
    • VPN

Internet Connectivity


  • Physical security
    • Device based Locks
    • Cloud Based CCTV Monitoring System
  • Data security
  • Firewall and Anti-malware Management

Lab Uses Policies

• Software Policies
• Hardware Policies
• Internet uses policies
• General rules and regulations

Lab Management

 Software based Servicing toolkits
o Live OS
o Imaging & cloning Tools
o System Migration Tools
o Software and driver’s backup
 End-Point-Management
 PC and LAN activities monitoring
 Routine Checkup and Care
• Computer Care
• Electric Safety
• Environmental Issues
• Cleaning
 Routine Software Updates
 Hardware commissioning-decommissioning

Remote Access and Management

 Identity Management
o Google Workspace for Education
o Microsoft Azure AD
 Cloud based Endpoint Management

Software License and Subscriptions

 Windows Desktop OS Licensing
 Windows Server OS Licensing
 MS Azure Personal Subscriptions
 MS Azure Educational Subscriptions
 AWS Educational Subscriptions
 VMWare Educational Subscriptions
 Google Workspace for Education Subscriptions

Computer Lab Management Skills

Basic Level (Lab Support Assistant/Technician)

• Computer lab usage policies
• OHS in Computer Lab
o Safe Workspace
o Electric safety in Computer lab
o Fire safety in Computer lab
o Emergency Situations
• Emergency Services
o National Helpline
o Primary Medical Assistance
• Environmental Issues
o Ventilation
o Green environment
o Temperature Control
• Computer Lab Arrangements
• Computer Lab Tools and Accessories
• Basic Maintenance of PC/Computer
• PC (Desktop/Laptop) Assembling and Disassembling
• Software Installation
• Anti-malware Management
• Basic Networking
o Connect a PC to an Existing Network
o Testing Network Connectivity
o Network cabling maintenance
• Lab Accessories Handling
o Multimedia Projector
o AC
• Supervising works
o Problem Identification and Reporting
o Log Handling

Intermediate Level (Lab Administrator/Maintenance Engineer)

• OS Management
o OS Installation
o Patch and Service Pack management
o Driver Management
o Multi-OS Booting
o Multi-vendor OS in Single PC
• System Tunning
• System Protection by Group Policy
• Registry
o Registry Backup and Restoration
o Registry Editing and Cleaning
• Batch Scripting
• Firmware Management
o BIOS Security
o BIOS Update
• System state backup
o System Preparation for backup
o Cloning
o Imaging
o Restoration
o Go-back previous state
o System migration
• Data Security
• VMs Management
o VMs Deployment
o VMs Handling
• Thin Computing Management
• End-Point Management
• Internet Connectivity Management
o Establish and Maintain Internet Connectivity
o Bandwidth Management
o Safe use of Internet

Expert Level (Systems Engineer/IT Solutions Expert)

• Dedicated Lab Design and Development
o Feasibility Studies
o Floor Design and Layout
(Microsoft Visio)
o Hardware Acquisition
o Physical Arrangement of Hardware and Accessories
o Load Balancing
• Simulation Based lab
• Virtual Labs
o Hypervisor
o VR
o AR
o Virtual Lab Design and Deployment
• Cloud Computing
o SaaS
o PaaS
o IaaS
o Hybrid Organizational IT Infrastructure Development
• VNet
• Security
o Developing Security Plans
o Acquisition Security Software and Devices
o Deploying Security Policies
• Docker and Kubernetes Management
• Online/Cloud based lab development and Management
• Developing Remote Assistance and Management Facilities

Extra Level of Competency

• Organizational Need Based Remote Software Installation
• Use of ERP
• Deployment of Simulation Based Lab
• Deployment of On-Premises and Cloud Based Virtual Labs
• Custom End-Point Management

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