Safety and Security for Smart Yard

Safety and Security for Smart Yard. Ensure your organization’s security. This article highlights modern security systems.

Focused On:

  • AI based CCTV system
  • Vehicle scanning and detection system
  • Real-time monitoring in control room
  • Remote real-time monitoring in control room
Safety and Security for Smart Yard

Security Areas and Components

Camera AI

Certain specialist cameras have an AI chip added to them to give them processing power to enhance various elements of functionality and enable them to achieve various tasks e.g. people counting, perimeter detection (human vs animal differentiation), ANPR (number plate recognition).

Recorder AI

The most common level of AI is ‘recorder-level’ – i.e. data is sent from a standard camera to a NVR / DVR recorder, and is then processed with a layer of artificial intelligence layer – making sense of the raw video data provided. This recorder-level approach means it’s possible to turn standard / legacy CCTV cameras into AI-enhanced cameras.

Cloud AI

Running the artificial intelligence layer in the ‘cloud’ means that the AI software is applied virtually.  The main benefit of this is that no hardware upgrades are needed, and instead the intelligence is added on top of the existing hardware infrastructure – remotely.  

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is designed for vehicle access applications to facilitate streamlined vehicle access control in situations where vehicles need to be granted entry temporarily or incidentally. Functioning as the alternative to RFID tags, an ANPR system allows for quick and easy vehicle identification over short or longer ranges. 

A metal detector is an instrument that detects the nearby presence of metal. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal objects on the surface, underground, and under water. The unit itself, consist of a control box, and an adjustable shaft, which holds a pickup coil, which can vary in shape and size. 

Main Entrance of Campus

  • Automated number plate recognition (ANPR) systems
  • People counting cameras
  • Metal Scanner
  • AI Security Camera

Parking Area

  • Traffic cameras with DL technology
  • CCTV

Building Gates

  • AI Security Camera
  • Automatic Door
  • Metal Scanner
  • Identity Scanner

Management, Local and Remote monitoring

Control Room and local monitoring

Yard Security System

Remote monitoring


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