eLearning Platform Development

The use of blended learning based on e-learning is increasing in the world of education. In fact there is no alternative to e-learning based blended learning approach in making the teaching process effective and enjoyable at the same time. Various e-learning institutions are being developed by institutional and individual initiatives. As a result, the demand for skilled IT professionals in this sector is constantly increasing. This article highlights various aspects of eLearning platform development.

eLearning Platform Development Model

A eLearning Platform is a sophisticated premeditated solution for planning, managing, and delivering all learning proceedings within an organisation, including online, virtual classroom, and instructor-led courses.

SPCA elearning Platform Model
SPCA elearning Platform Model
Learning Management System at a glance

eLearning Platform Development Life Cycle

Steps to develop a eLearning platform:

  • Need Analysis
  • Planning
  • Modeling
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Website and Blog Development
  • LMS Development
  • Dynamic Contents Development
  • Publishing and Sharing
  • Maintain
eLearning Platform Development Life Cycle
eLearning Platform Development Life Cycle

Dynamic Contents Development

Modern Elearning Materials

  • Online based interactive presentation
  • Interactive eBooks
  • Interactive videos
  • H5P Contents
  • SCORM Packages

Virtual Labs

A laboratory which is on virtual platform with similar interface and function like the real physical laboratory. 

Hypervisor based on premises virtual lab devlopment

Explore: https://www.vmware.com/try-vmware/try-hands-on-labs.html

Developing Platforms:

Cloud Computing based virtual labs

Developing Platforms:

  • Microsoft Hypervisor
  • Vmware
  • Oracle VM virtual box

Cloud based virtual lab providers

Docker and Kubernetes

Docker is a suite of software development tools for creating, sharing and running individual containers; Kubernetes is a system for operating containerized applications at scale

Explore: https://www.docker.com/

Developing Platforms:

Developing Tools

Hosting and Publishing Platforms

Leading eLearning providers

eLearning Platform Development Career

eLearning Platform Development based IT Professional list

  • eLearning Contents Developer
  • LMS Specialist
  • eLearning Expert
  • Video Creator
  • Animation Creator

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